Leading FX Indicator Supreme Forex Profiteer Puts Robots to Shame, Generating $4,829 Profit and And Up to 7.49% Gain in Just 1 Trade!


Dear Trader,

The day has come.

Used in the past by the most secretive hedge funds, the most powerful trading indicator is finally here.

The indicator that generated millions for hedge funds and covert investors.

The Supreme Forex Profiteer ® is finally released for the public!

Check out the powerful features of this immense indicator:


OPTIMIZED for Maximum Gain in Any Pair!

Supreme Forex Profiteer is optimized for maximum gain and optimal trading in ANY FOREX PAIR, so you trade with the best settings and make the most profits possible!

Unlike other indicators which produce lagging and non-profitable signals, the Supreme Forex Profiteer is designed to generate the BEST signals on any pair.

+471 pips in 3 very accurate trades!


Even on the GBPJPY currency:

Making your account grow steadily:

The Supreme Forex Profiteer is the complete trading package, giving you stability and profitable trading in any pair!


Super-Accurate and Extremely Profitable

Did it happen to you that lost money because you entered too early or too late?

I know how frustrating it can get.

This is why I designed the SFP system to be as accurate as possible, giving signals at the exact reversal signals and making sure your entry is optimal.

This accurate signals ensures that your stop loss is tight and that your profit potential is high.


Trade with Maximum Profits and No Guesswork!

Your guessing and random trading days are OVER.

Now you will tradfe with a solid system, with clear buy and sell rules.

A system that is simple, yet highly powerful and will keep your account growing steadily with trades as accurate as this:

That will make your account look like this:

$3,307.25 Profits in 6 trades in REAL ACCOUNT!


If you've had it with standard traing tools and look for your edge at the markets, take action and claim your SFP copy now:

Full Trading Manual from A to Z

Supreme Forex Profiteer is accompanied by a full trading manual from A to Z that shows you exactly how to use and harness the power of the SFP for thousands of pips!

It gives you clear information and shows you how to:

Install the Supreme Forex Profiteer

Use Audio and Email Alerts

Get and Execute Buy\Sell trading signals

How to set tight stop loss for minimum risk

When to exit trades for maximum gain!

Best Timeframes and Pairs to Trade on


Unlike most systems that just give you an indicator for you to figure out, we care for our customers and have prepared anything for you to succeed!


Works on ANY Timeframe = Good for Swing Trading, Scalping and Day Trading!

Supreme Forex Profiteer can be used for any trading style you prefer, as it works on any timeframe.

You can use it for scalping the 5-minute chart, day trading on M15 and even swing trading on 4-hour and daily charts.

SFP works on all of them and creates endless streams of profits for you to enjoy!

Here's a real time 15M chart example:


No Fluff or Boring Ebooks to Wade Through!

Supreme Forex Profiteer gives you buy\sell profits, telling you exactly when you need to enter and exit the market for solid profits.

Forget about:

 Boring ebooks with old, rehashed and losing strategies

 Ambiguous chart patterns that are hard to trade properly

 Tricky trend lines that only show you the past

 Lagging moving averages or useless MACD


With the Supreme Forex Profiteer you can throw away all the crappy strategies that caused you losses, and rise to the trading highway!


Used by Dozens of Hedge Funds Around the World

From London to Tokyo, the Supreme Forex Profiteer is used (in its more scientific formula) by dozens of hedge funds and used to manage millions of private money.

Now you can trade with the tool previously reserved only for the wealthiest and most sophisticated traders.

The Supreme Forex Profiteer was also backtested, tested and forwardtested thoroughly by many elite traders and found to be one of the most consistent trading tools ever created!

$7,034.58 Cashed In by our Beta tester Eric (Good job!)



Check out what our beta testers have to say about the Supreme Forex Profiteer:

“$3,734 Profit in my first week„

I made $3,734 profit in my first week trading with the Supreme Profiteer in 5 trades I took.

After so many bullsh*t products I've tested, I'm very excited to finally see a Forex product that ACTUALLY does what it promised.

Thanks !

Tony Ritter


“Winning 4 of any 5 trades„


I am a client of Supreme forex Profiteer since its pre-release for beta testers back in October.

I have to say I am very impressed with the results. On average I win 4 of any 5 trades I take and it is a remarkable hit rate for me.

Thank you Ben for providing me with this priceless tool.

Kent S.


“This Thing Makes Me 200 Pips per Day!„

Hi Ben!

I'm amazed by how profitable the Supreme Forex Profiteer is!

This little thing makes me 200 pips per day!

And the best part? I don't need to do anything. I just wait for a signal, then execute it- and go back to sleep!

I've never made so much money being so lazy!

Steven Laslo


“Impressive Trading Tool„

To whom it may concerne,

I would like to say that the supreme forex Profiteer is an impressive trading tool. I have used it for 2 weeks and so far it is generating very consistent signals. So I am definitely keeping it in my arsenal.

Nicolas J.


Instant Download and FAST Setup - NO Waiting!

After your purchase you will instantly receive download link to your copy of the Supreme Forex Profiteer. No waiting for your copy.

Setup is also very fast and simple so you can start to profit with the SFP in minutes!

Unlike many systems that are hard to install and use, the Supreme Forex Profiteer is extremely easy to install so you won't have any problems!

But in any case, our technical team is always here to help.



Using its neural network algorithm, Supreme Forex Profiteer generates high-probability buy\sell signals in any chart and any pair!

If you've had enough with all lame indicators that are barely 50% accurate, make room for the heavyweight champion indicator!

Supreme Forex Profiteer reaches up to 80% hit rate in its trades:

Allowing you to profit consistently with no fear!


Works in Any Timezone or Session!

It doesn't matter in which timezone you are living at, or which sessions you trade.

SFP was designed and created to profit on any time zone and any session.

From London to New York sessions, the SFP generates absolutely fantastic signals that makes your trading account overflow with cash!


Very Easy to Trade and Profit!

Supreme Forex Profiteer system is very simple to trade and profit.

Just follow the colors: Green for Buy, Red for Sell.

Profiting from Forex becomes easy as 1-2-3:

Your first profitable trade is just 5 minutes away!


REAL Profit PROOF from our Beta Testers

You can check out the amazing profit proof that diminishes any doubt and shows you, just how powerful the Supreme Forex Profiteer is:

92% Winning Trades!

$1,317.66 Profit!

What would your life look like if you could extract cash from the Forex market with such speed and accuracy?

Check for yourself and claim your copy of the Supreme Forex Profiteer:
(only 112 copies remaining)


Stop LOSING with Lagging Indicators!

After 4 years of trading I was completely fed up with lagging indicators.

I had enough of entering trades late, after momentum is already lost and the majority of the move - already took place.

The frustration of seeing price move hundreds of pips, desperately waiting for a signal from the indicator... but nothing comes.

By the time I got a signal, it was already late.

The move has finished, and I entered just to see price reverse.

I made a promise to myself I would put a STOP to this!

So when I developed the Supreme Forex Profiteer I devoted extra attention to make its signals LEADING.

The Supreme Forex Profiteer gives signals early, when the move is beginning so the reward is big and you capture the majority of the profits!

SFP reacted quickly, allowing you to enter with small risk (stop loss) and take huge profits!


Safe Stop Loss Automatically Calculated

A safe and tight stop loss is calculated automatically for each trade, so you don't need to do anything manually.

Supreme Forex Profiteer automatically calculates the most logical place for the stop loss, so it does 3 things:

Keeps your Risk to Minimum

Maintains Low Drawdown

Lets the Profits Roll without closing the trade too early


Automatically Adapts to Changing Markets!

The Supreme Forex Profiteer is designed to automatically adapt to changes in volatility, momentum and to auto-adjust when it senses that the market is evolving.

This allows is to BEAT all other indicators which stand still when the market changes.

The markets are constantly moving.. If you are not moving with them, you are staying behind, with old tools that are no longer valid.

Trading with these old tools is a potential risk to your equity!

Think about these popular indicators: MACD, Moving Averages. At the 80s, when they were first introduced, they were profitable!

People were making serious money with them, and their inventors became very popular.

However, there's a BIG problem with these indicators.

The problem is, that they were not updated since the 80s!

People still trade with these crappy tools, thinking thery are still profitable - and LOSING BIG MONEY (don't take my word for it- test for yourself and you'll see)

This is why you need an indicator that is self-adapting, so it will keep generating these super signals even decades after its development!


Don't Babysit Your Trades: Audio and Email Alerts

The Supreme Forex Profiteer generates automatic buy\sell alerts via audio and email.

This means that you don't even need to be at your computer to get signals!

You can be in the next room, playing with your children and having some quality time with the family.

If you choose the email alert function you can even be in a different continent!

You will still be able to take action, execute the trade and collect the cash!

The Supreme Forex Profiteer also generates exit alerts, so you don't need to babysit your trades anymore!


Tech Support at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

The Supreme Forex Profiteer is explained in simple terms and the user guide shows how to trade it from A to Z.

But if you need us, we are here for you.

Our technical team will help you in any questions or issues about the SFP or about trading in general. Feel free to test us!

We also guarantee to answer your emails as fast as possible, and provide your high-quality support 24 hours a day, all days of the week!


Profits on Crude Oil, Spot Gold and even DJIA !

The Supreme Forex Profiteer generates profits not only on Forex pairs, but also on:

Crude Oil

Spot Gold

Dow Jones Industrial Average

And Many More!


Supreme Forex Profiteer is a universal trading package, optimized and profits on Forex, Commodities, Stocks and Futures.

And that's not all!

With each purchase of the Supreme Forex Profiteer package, you will also receive a hot bonus package WORTH OVER $749:

BONUS #1: AutoFibonacci Indicator ($97)

Upon purchase of the Supreme Forex Profiteer you will also receive the hot AutoFibonacci Indicator for FREE!

Fibonacci Retracements automatically drawn

This indicator automatically calcualtes Fibonacci retracements on charts, showing you strong reversal places where price is likely to stop.


BONUS #2: Market Sessions Indicator ($47)

The Marker Sessions indicator helps you know when the sessions take place, so you can predict big moves and rises in volume, minutes before they occur!

Market Sessions Indicator shows the trading sessions on screen


BONUS #3: MTF WMA Indicator ($97)

MTF WMA Indicator gives you a MTF version of the WMA indicator, which is efficient in confirming trades and increasing your hit rate in ANY other trading system you use.

Note how many times price hit the MTF but couldn't break it.. each one of these 'bounces' is a potential short signal worth big money to you.


BONUS #4: MetaTrader 4 Template ($37)

You will also receive a preformatted MetaTrader 4 template for the Supreme Forex Profiteer.


BONUS #5: $500 Real Money to Trade With!

Terms and Conditions Apply


But you will have to ACT FAST:


ONLY 300 247 196 112 Remaining Copies!

We will only be releasing the Supreme Forex Profiteer to 300 300 196 112 more traders.

We received several emails asking us why we are limiting our copies.

Don't get us wrong: We could surely sell a few thousands of this indicator.

But if we do that, we won't be able to provide you with quality support anymore, which is something we can't bare.

Choosing between quality and quantity, we chose quality!

We want any of our students to receive the best support and tools he can, in order to profit successfully in Forex.

There's also another reason:

If the market is flooded with copies of our indicator, it will lose its efficiency.
We don't want that.

This is why we we originally offered only 300 packages for the general public.

These packages will fly off the shelf fast, so if you want to pump-up your trading account with fresh, consistent profits, take action now!


Yes, I want the Supreme Forex Profiteer!
Give me my copy Now!

This indicator was previously sold to hedge funds for $4,997 for ONE commercial license.

However, we want the average joe to be able to harness this indicator to its trading.

So our price for you will not be so high, not even CLOSE!

You too can profit with this professional and supreme indicator for only $67

This price is on 98.7% DISCOUNT from the original price, and I don't know how long we can keep it so low.

81% of our traders already earned back this investment and some more on their 1st trade!

Again, once these 112 copies are gone they are gone. We won't offer more as we want it to keep generating profits and don't want it to lose from its efficiency.

Don't forget that as a customer you will ALSO get a hot bonus pack worth over $749 for FREE! So this is really a no-brainer.

Make sure to get your copy while you still can!

DOWNLOAD your copy now for only $67!

P.S. The 112 copies will be gone soon, so to take advantage of this fantastic indicator you gotta act fast!

P.S.S. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to trade with tools previously reserved only for the most professional traders and CTAs. Don't let it go away!

P.S.S.S. Remember, you will also receive 5 bonuses worth over $749, so this is really win-win situation. Claim Your Hot Bonus Pack Now!


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